A Brief Strathan History Lesson

The History of Troubled People...​

The Rise of Strathy

On July 14th 2009, James Whittle, decided to create a nation using the NationStates simulator. Having created The Holy Strathan Empire, he sought only to have fun with it on the game. However, in November of that same year, he reformed Strathy to conform with his own Communist Ideals. As time went on The Holy Strathan Empire was reformed into The United Socialist States of Strathy. This sparked a new interest in Strathy, to make it bigger, and more than just a game.


The United Socialist States of Strathy

After the collapse of The Holy Strathan Empire in November of 2009, Strathy was reformed into The USSS. Led by a figure known only as Doctor387, The Revolutionaries took down the Empire with a hope to establish an ideal communist state in its place. The civil war in Strathy lasted nearly two months and was officially over by the 10th January 2010. The new revolutionary government managed to establish a new Communal Council, that would be overseen by The Supreme Leader, Doctor387. Soon, Strathy became a large power, holding much responsibility in NationStates along with a certain ammount of respect, if not fear. Strathy soon became a very totalitarian state, with the Government keeping a very strict eye on its people, through use of The SSCPU - Strathy's Seceret Police. However, the joy of revolution soon wore off, the people were unhappy with the Government and sought reform in Strathy. In late 2010, Strathy saw its second civil war, only a year after the first, led by former Emperor, James H Whittle. After another conflict the Communist People's Republic was founded.


The Communist People’s Republics

Shortly after The U.S.S.S. was reformed once more into the Communist People’s Republic of Strathy (The C.P.R.S.) James H Whittle was re-elected into the new position of People’s Commissar. By this time, Strathy had citizens outwith the simulator. Mr. Whittle even drew up a draft manifesto for the growing nation. At this point, Strathy started to flourish on the internet and it began to become more serious. It was around this point that Strathy began to grow more and more into the real.



During the month of May, 2011, The People’s Commissar became more interested in full, sovereign micronationalism and began to read further into the subject. Inspired by the likes of Sealand and Molossia, he began to draw up a constitution, redraft the manifesto and began structuring a government. On top of this, a website was launched. Finally, on May 16th 2011, People’s Commissar, James H Whittle, declared Strathy an independent and sovereign micronation.

The United Micronations and CIMS

During Strathy’s early days, it was decided to make friends on the international stage. This began with Strathy joining the U.M – a micronational version of the United Nations. During the initial period that Strathy was involved, Strathy showed that it was willing to get stuck in to the affairs of The U.M.. The People’s Commissar was elected to represent Strathy at the U.M. and to act as an international ambassador. Since then, he has created treaties with many nations all over the world, most significantly, with The People’s Republic of Podjistan. The U.M. has grown since Strathy joined and has helped Strathy to find her way into the mess of international relations.
More Recently The U.M. has been reformed into The Coalition of International Micro-States (C.I.M.S.). The organisation continues to grow and has around about 40 member states now. The People's Commissar currently holds the, somewhat unusual, role of Co General Secretary with Mr. Trystan Cline of Trystansburg.

Cyber Terrorist Attack

In late May of 2011, a user, known only as “Tim” created an account on the website and proceeded to troll and flame the forums and deface the Art Gallery. The mess left by “Tim” was immense and took over an hour to clear. Messages of hate were left everywhere, messages targeted at Strathy, The People’s Commissar and Micronationalists everywhere. The attack left the peaceful people of Strathy shocked and horrified, no-one would have seen something so spiteful and hate-filled coming. The People’s Commissar, in a special meeting of the cabinet, ruled that the user “Tim” should be banned from the site and never allowed back. In furtherance to this, new security measures were enacted: A set of questions was added to the application process, and all new applicants had to be reviewed before being allowed onto the site. These measures have been in place ever since.